Starting and Stopping MariaDB

Title Description
Starting and Stopping MariaDB Automatically Starting MariaDB automatically, including details on service managers.
Starting and Stopping MariaDB Starting MariaDB and shutting it down gracefully, including details on service managers.
Configuring MariaDB with Option Files Configuring MariaDB with my.cnf and other option files.
mysqld Configuration Files and Groups Which configuration files and groups mysqld reads.
mysqld Options Lists of all the options for mysqld.
What to Do if MariaDB Doesn't Start Troubleshooting MariaDB when it fails to start.
Running MariaDB from the Build Directory Running mysqld directly from the source directory without make install.
mysql.server Startup script included in MariaDB distributions on Unix
mysqld_safe Recommended way to start a mysqld server on a non-systemd Unix.
mysqladmin Admin tool for monitoring, creating/dropping databases, stopping mysqld etc.
Switching Between Different Installed MariaDB Versions Managing different installed MariaDB versions and running them one at a time
Running Multiple MariaDB Server Processes Running multiple MariaDB Server processes on the same server.
Specifying Permissions for Schema (Data) Directories and Tables MariaDB uses the following modes for creating directories and files
mysqld_multi Manage several mysqld processes.
launchd launchd is the startup service used in MacOS X.
systemd How systemd is configured on MariaDB packages and how to alter its configuration
sysVinit sysVinit is one of the most common service managers for Linux and Unix.
mariadbd Link to mysqld
mariadbd-multi Symlink to mysqld_multi.
mariadbd-safe Symlink to mysql_safe.
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