Built-in Functions

Functions and procedures in MariaDB

Title Description
String Functions Built-In functions for the handling of strings and columns containing string values.
Date & Time Functions Built-In functions for the handling of dates and times.
Aggregate Functions Aggregate functions used with GROUP BY clauses.
Numeric Functions Numeric and arithmetic related functions in MariaDB.
Control Flow Functions Built-In functions for assessing data to determine what results to return.
Function and Operator Reference A complete list of MariaDB functions and operators in alphabetical order.

Secondary Functions

Title Description
Bit Functions and Operators Operators for comparison and setting of values, and related functions.
Encryption, Hashing and Compression Functions Functions used for encryption, hashing and compression.
Information Functions Functions which return information on the server, the user, or a given query.
Miscellaneous Functions Functions for very singular and specific needs.

Special Functions

Title Description
Dynamic Columns Functions Functions for storing key/value pairs of data within a column.
Geographic Functions Geographic, as well as geometric functions.
JSON Functions Built-in functions related to JSON.
Spider Functions User-defined functions available with the Spider storage engine.
Window Functions Window functions for performing calculations on a set of rows related to the current row.
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