Clients & Utilities

Title Description
mysql Client The mysql command-line client
Aria Clients and Utilities Clients and utilities for working with Aria tables
Backup, Restore and Import Clients Clients for taking backups or importing/restoring data
Graphical and Enhanced Clients Incomplete list of graphical clients
MyISAM Clients and Utilities Clients and utilities for working with MyISAM tables
dbdeployer Installing and testing multiple MariaDB versions in isolation.
dbForge Studio for MariaDB IDE for the development, management, and administration of MariaDB & MySQL databases.
EXPLAIN Analyzer The EXPLAIN Analyzer is an online tool for analyzing and optionally sharing...
EXPLAIN Analyzer API The online EXPLAIN Analyzer tool has an open API to allow client applicatio...
innochecksum Tool for printing checksums for InnoDB files.
msql2mysql Description Initially, the MySQL C API was developed to be very similar to ...
my_print_defaults Displays the options from option groups of option files
mysqladmin Admin tool for monitoring, creating/dropping databases, stopping mysqld etc.
mysqlaccess Tool for checking access privileges.
mysqlbinlog mysqlbinlog utility for processing binary log files
mysqlcheck Tool for checking, repairing, analyzing and optimizing tables.
mysql_convert_table_format Convert tables to use a particular storage engine by default.
mysqldumpslow Display data from the slow query log.
mysql_embedded mysql client statically linked to libmysqld, the embedded server.
mysql_find_rows Read files containing SQL statements and extract statements that match a pattern.
mysql_fix_extensions Converts the extensions for MyISAM (or ISAM) table files to their canonical forms.
mysql_install_db Tool for creating the system tables in the mysql database.
mysql_plugin Tool for enabling or disabling plugins.
mysqlreport Creates a friendly report of important MariaDB status values
MySQL Sandbox Installing multiple MariaDB versions in isolation.
mysql_secure_installation Improve the security of a MariaDB installation.
mysql_setpermission Helps add users or databases or change passwords in MariaDB
mysqlshow Shows database structure.
mysqlslap Tool for load-testing MariaDB.
mysql-stress-test Perl script that performs stress-testing of the MariaDB server
mysql-test Testing utility
mysql_tzinfo_to_sql Load time zones to the mysql time zone tables.
mysql_upgrade Update to the latest version.
mysql_waitpid Terminate processes.
mysql_zap Kill processes that match a pattern
perror Display descriptions for system or storage engine error codes
replace Utility The replace utility program changes strings in place infiles or on the standard input
resolveip Resolves IP addresses to host names and vice versa
resolve_stack_dump Resolve numeric stack strace dump into symbols
Shard-Query An MPP Query Engine for MariaDB and MySQL
xtstat Used to monitor all internal activity of PBXT
mariadb-access Symlink to mysqlaccess.
mariadb-admin Symlink to mysqladmin.
mariadb-check Symlink to mysqlcheck.
mariadb-convert-table-format Symlink to mysql_convert_table_format.
mariadb-dumpslow Symlink to mysqldumpslow.
mariadb-embedded Symlink to mysql_embedded.
mariadb-find-rows Symlink to mysql_find_rows.
mariadb-fix-extensions Symlink to mysql_fix_extensions.
mariadb-install-db Symlink to mysql_install_db.
mariadb-plugin Symlink to mysql_plugin.
mariadb-secure-installation Symlink to mysql_secure_installation.
mariadb-setpermission Symlink to mysql_setpermission.
mariadb-show Symlink to mysqlshow.
mariadb-slap Symlink to mysqlslap.
mariadb-tzinfo-to-sql Symlink to mysql_tzinfo_to_sql.
mariadb-upgrade Symlink to mysql_upgrade.
mariadb-waitpid Symlink to mysql_waitpid.
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