Graphical and Enhanced Clients

This list is incomplete - most MySQL tools will work with MariaDB. See also a list of projects that officially work with MariaDB.

Title Description
Database Workbench Database development environment for multiple database systems including MySQL and MariaDB
dbForge Studio for MariaDB Universal GUI for database development, management, and administration
HeidiSQL Windows GUI client for MariaDB and MySQL.
Moon Modeler Moon Modeler is a database design tool for MariaDB, MongoDB and Mongoose. I...
JPDB Admin for MariaDB Tool for managing and developing with MariaDB
SQL Diagnostic Manager & SQLyog Graphical MariaDB manager and monitor
mycli Command line interface with auto-completion and syntax highlighting
Navicat Graphical front-end for MariaDB
ocelotgui Linux client for MySQL and MariaDB
phpMyAdmin Web-based MariaDB administration tool
Querious Mac OS X tool for database administration
Sequel Pro Database management tool running on Mac
SQLTool Pro Database Editor Android SQL client
DBeaver Free convenient cross-platform and cross-database Java GUI client
dbForge Data Compare A tool for comparison and synchronization of data between databases.
dbForge Data Generator A tool for generation of large volumes of meaningful test table data.
dbForge Documenter dbForge Documenter is a handy MariaDB documentation tool that creates a co...
dbForge Fusion Visual Studio plugin designed to simplify database development and management.
dbForge Query Builder A tool for visual query creation without code typing.
dbForge Schema Compare A tool for comparison and synchronization of DDL differences between database objects.
DbSchema Mariadb Diagram Designer & Admin GUI Tool
Improved SQL Document Parser Performance in Updated dbForge Tools for MySQL and MariaDB Devart has upgraded dbForge Tools for MySQL and MariaDB with improved SQL d...
OmniDB Browser-based IDE for MariaDB Administration
TablePlus A modern, native macOS client for relational databases
TOAD Edge Windows GUI for MySQL. SQL Syntax Check. Freeware (Basic Features) & Payware (Extended Features).
TOAD for MySQL Windows GUI for MySQL. Compatible with MariaDB. Freeware. SQL syntax check.
SQLyog: Community Edition SQLyog Community Edition
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