CONNECT Table Types

MariaDB starting with 10.0

The CONNECT handler was introduced in MariaDB 10.0.

The main feature of CONNECT is to give MariaDB the ability to handle tables from many sources, native files, other DBMS’s tables, or special “virtual” tables. Moreover, for all tables physically represented by data files, CONNECT recognizes many different file formats, described below but not limited in the future to this list, because more can be easily added to it on demand (OEM tables).

Note: You can download a PDF version of the CONNECT documentation.

Title Description
CONNECT Table Types Overview CONNECT can handle many table formats.
Inward and Outward Tables The two broad categories of CONNECT tables
CONNECT Table Types - Data Files CONNECT plain DOS or UNIX data files.
CONNECT Zipped File Tables When the table file or files are compressed in one or several zip files.
CONNECT DOS and FIX Table Types CONNECT tables based on text files
CONNECT BIN Table Type CONNECT binary files in which each row is a logical record of fixed length
CONNECT VEC Table Type CONNECT binary files organized in vectors
CONNECT CSV and FMT Table Types Variable length CONNECT data files
CONNECT - Files Retrieved Using Rest Queries JSON, XML and CSV data files can be retrieved as results from REST queries.
CONNECT JSON Table Type JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a widely-used lightweight data-interchange format.
CONNECT INI Table Type CONNECT INI Windows configuration or initialization files.
CONNECT - External Table Types Access tables belonging to the current or another server
CONNECT ODBC Table Type: Accessing Tables From Another DBMS CONNECT Table Types - ODBC Table Type: Accessing Tables from other DBMS
CONNECT JDBC Table Type: Accessing Tables from Another DBMS Using JDBC to access other tables.
CONNECT MONGO Table Type: Accessing Collections from MongoDB Used to directly access MongoDB collections as tables.
CONNECT MYSQL Table Type: Accessing MySQL/MariaDB Tables Accessing a MySQL or MariaDB table or view
CONNECT PROXY Table Type Tables that access and read the data of another table or view
CONNECT XCOL Table Type Based on another table/view, used when object tables have a column that contains a list of values
CONNECT OCCUR Table Type Extension to the PROXY type when referring to a table/view having several c...
CONNECT PIVOT Table Type Transform the result of another table into another table along “pivot” and "fact" columns
CONNECT TBL Table Type: Table List Define a table as a list of tables of any engine and type.
CONNECT - Using the TBL and MYSQL Table Types Together Used together, the TBL and MYSQL types lift all the limitations of the FEDERATED and MERGE engines
CONNECT Table Types - Special "Virtual" Tables VIR, WMI and MAC special table types
CONNECT Table Types - VIR VIR virtual type for CONNECT
CONNECT Table Types - OEM: Implemented in an External LIB CONNECT OEM table types are implemented in an external library.
CONNECT Table Types - Catalog Tables Catalog tables return information about another table or data source
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