The mysql Database Tables

MariaDB comes pre-installed with a system database called mysql containing many important tables storing, in particular, grant and privilege information. Until MariaDB 10.4, system tables used the MyISAM storage engine. From MariaDB 10.4, they use Aria.

Title Description
mysql.column_stats Table Column stats for engine-independent statistics
mysql.columns_priv Table Column-level privileges
mysql.db Table Database-level access and privileges.
mysql.event Table Information about MariaDB events
mysql.func Table User-defined function information
mysql.general_log Table Contents of the general query log if written to table
mysql.global_priv Table Global privileges.
mysql.gtid_slave_pos Table For slaves to keep track of the GTID.
mysql.help_category Table Help categories
mysql.help_keyword Table Help keywords
mysql.help_relation Table HELP command relations
mysql.help_topic Table Help topics
mysql.host Table Obsolete/optional table that contained host-level access and privileges.
mysql.index_stats Table Index stats for engine-independent statistics
mysql.innodb_index_stats Data related to particular persistent index statistics, multiple rows for each index.
mysql.innodb_table_stats Data related to persistent indexes, one row per table.
mysql.ndb_binlog_index Table Unused by MariaDB, kept until MariaDB 10.0 for MySQL compatibility reasons
mysql.plugin Table Plugins loaded with INSTALL SONAME, INSTALL PLUGIN or the mysql_plugin utility
mysql.proc Table Information about stored routines.
mysql.procs_priv Table Stored procedure and stored function privileges
mysql.proxies_priv Table Proxy privileges.
mysql.roles_mapping Table MariaDB roles information
mysql.servers Table MariaDB servers
mysql.slow_log Table Contents of the slow query log if written to table.
mysql.tables_priv Table Table-level privileges
mysql.table_stats Table Table stats for engine-independent statistics
mysql.time_zone Table Time zone table in the mysql database.
mysql.time_zone_leap_second Table Time zone leap second.
mysql.time_zone_name Table Time zone name.
mysql.time_zone_transition Table Time zone transition table.
mysql.time_zone_transition_type Table Time zone transition type table.
mysql.transaction_registry Table Used for transaction-precise versioning.
mysql.user Table User access and global privileges.
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