mysql.proxies_priv Table

The mysql.proxies_priv table contains information about proxy privileges. The table can be queried and although it is possible to directly update it, it is best to use GRANT for setting privileges.

MariaDB starting with 10.4

In MariaDB 10.4 and later, this table uses the Aria storage engine.

MariaDB until 10.3

In MariaDB 10.3 and before, this table uses the MyISAM storage engine.

The mysql.proxies_priv table contains the following fields:

Field Type Null Key Default Description
Host char(60) NO PRI
User char(80) NO PRI
Proxied_host char(60) NO PRI
Proxied_user char(80) NO PRI
With_grant tinyint(1) NO 0
Grantor char(141) NO MUL
Timestamp timestamp NO CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

The Acl_proxy_users status variable, added in MariaDB 10.1.4, indicates how many rows the mysql.proxies_priv table contains.

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