mysql.proc Table

The mysql.proc table contains information about stored procedures and stored functions. It contains similar information to that stored in the INFORMATION SCHEMA.ROUTINES table.

MariaDB starting with 10.4

In MariaDB 10.4 and later, this table uses the Aria storage engine.

MariaDB until 10.3

In MariaDB 10.3 and before, this table uses the MyISAM storage engine.

The mysql.proc table contains the following fields:

Field Type Null Key Default Description
db char(64) NO PRI Database name.
name char(64) NO PRI Routine name.
type enum('FUNCTION','PROCEDURE','PACKAGE', 'PACKAGE BODY') NO PRI NULL Whether stored procedure, stored function or, from MariaDB 10.3.5, a package or package body.
specific_name char(64) NO
language enum('SQL') NO SQL Always SQL.
is_deterministic enum('YES','NO') NO NO Whether the routine is deterministic (can produce only one result for a given list of parameters) or not.
security_type enum('INVOKER','DEFINER') NO DEFINER INVOKER or DEFINER. Indicates which user's privileges apply to this routine.
param_list blob NO NULL List of parameters.
returns longblob NO NULL What the routine returns.
body longblob NO NULL Definition of the routine.
definer char(141) NO If the security_type is DEFINER, this value indicates which user defined this routine.
created timestamp NO CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Date and time the routine was created.
modified timestamp NO 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Date and time the routine was modified.
comment text NO NULL Comment associated with the routine.
character_set_client char(32) YES NULL The character set used by the client that created the routine.
collation_connection char(32) YES NULL The collation (and character set) used by the connection that created the routine.
db_collation char(32) YES NULL The default collation (and character set) for the database, at the time the routine was created.
body_utf8 longblob YES NULL Definition of the routine in utf8.
aggregate enum('NONE', 'GROUP') NO NONE From MariaDB 10.3.3
Field Type Null Key Default Description

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