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New in version 1.15.0: The round filter was added in Twig 1.15.0.

The round filter rounds a number to a given precision:

{{ 42.55|round }}
{# outputs 43 #}

{{ 42.55|round(1, 'floor') }}
{# outputs 42.5 #}

The round filter takes two optional arguments; the first one specifies the precision (default is 0) and the second the rounding method (default is common):

  • common rounds either up or down (rounds the value up to precision decimal places away from zero, when it is half way there -- making 1.5 into 2 and -1.5 into -2);
  • ceil always rounds up;
  • floor always rounds down.


The // operator is equivalent to |round(0, 'floor').


  • precision: The rounding precision
  • method: The rounding method

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