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New in version 1.12.3: Support for encoding an array as query string was added in Twig 1.12.3.

New in version 1.16.0: The raw argument was removed in Twig 1.16.0. Twig now always encodes according to RFC 3986.

The url_encode filter percent encodes a given string as URL segment or an array as query string:

{{ "path-seg*ment"|url_encode }}
{# outputs "path-seg%2Ament" #}

{{ "string with spaces"|url_encode }}
{# outputs "string%20with%20spaces" #}

{{ {'param': 'value', 'foo': 'bar'}|url_encode }}
{# outputs "param=value&foo=bar" #}


Internally, Twig uses the PHP urlencode (or rawurlencode if you pass true as the first parameter) or the http_build_query function. Note that as of Twig 1.16.0, urlencode always uses rawurlencode (the raw argument was removed.)

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