Documentation contributor guide

The topics in this section describe how you can contribute to this documentation. For information about contributing only code to the Angular framework, see Contributing to Angular.

Angular, an open source project, depends on its community, especially when it comes to the documentation. The more the community contributes to the documentation, the better the documentation becomes. Input from you helps both new and experienced Angular developers.

You must have a GitHub account to propose a minor change or review and edit the documentation.

Propose a minor change

You can propose minor changes to a documentation topic without downloading any software. Choose the pencil icon drawing of a pencil used as the topic edit icon at the top of the page, to the right of the topic title to enter your suggestion.

Review and edit documentation topics

This section describes how to make larger contributions to the documentation.

Before you start

The following steps set up your local computer to contribute documentation content.

  1. Sign into your account on GitHub. If you don't have an account on GitHub, create a new account before you continue.

  2. In your browser, navigate to https://github.com/angular/angular.

  3. In your browser, fork the angular/angular repo into your GitHub account.

    1. From https://github.com/angular/angular in the browser, choose the Fork button near the top-right corner of the page.
    2. If asked, choose to create a fork to contribute to the original project.
  4. On the computer that you want to edit, clone your fork of the angular repo.

  5. In the angular/aio directory of your cloned repo, locally build and view the documentation.

    1. Run the following commands. To learn more, see Angular documentation project.

      yarn setup
      yarn build
      yarn start

      NOTE: If you have any errors or issues with your yarn install, just re-run the yarn command.

    2. In your browser, navigate to http://localhost:4200

    3. Review your local build of the Angular framework documentation.

After you can see your local build of the Angular framework documentation on your own system, you are ready to review and edit it. The following sections help you with the next steps.

Before you edit the documentation

The following steps prepare you to edit the Angular documentation successfully:

  1. Review Contributing to Angular.
  2. Install the documentation linter.

Ways to contribute to Angular documentation

More resources for contributing to documentation

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