Acronym Full name See also
AAA Almost Always Auto GOTW #94
ABC Abstract Base Class
ABI Application Binary Interface Itanium C++ ABI
ADL Argument-Dependent Lookup
ADT Abstract Data Type
API Application Programming Interface
CAS Compare-And-Swap; Copy And Swap compare_exchange
COW Copy-On-Write
CPO Customization Point Object [customization.point.object], RangeAdaptorObject, RangeAdaptorClosureObject
CRTP Curiously Recurring Template Pattern std::enable_shared_from_this, std::ranges::view_interface
CTAD Class Template Argument Deduction
Empty Base (Class) Optimization [[no_unique_address]], std::allocator, std::default_delete
ICE Internal Compiler Error; Integer Constant Expression
IFNDR Ill-Formed, No Diagnostic Required
IIILE Immediately Invoked Initializing Lambda Expression
IPO Inter-Procedural Optimization
LTO Link-Time Optimization
NDR No Diagnostic Required
NRVO Named Return Value Optimization
NSDMI Non-Static Data Member Initialization
NTBS Null-Terminated Byte Strings
NTTP Non-Type Template Parameter
ODR One Definition Rule
OOP Object-Oriented Programming
PIMPL Pointer to IMPLementation
POCCA Propagate on Container Copy Assignment
POCMA Propagate on Container Move Assignment
POCS Propagate on Container Swap
POD Plain Old Data (PODType) ScalarType, TrivialType, StandardLayoutType
RAII Resource Acquisition Is Initialization
RACO Range Adaptor Closure Object RangeAdaptorClosureObject
RAO Range Adaptor Object RangeAdaptorObject
RTTI RunTime Type Identification std::type_info
RVO Return Value Optimization
SBO Small Buffer Optimization
SBRM Scope-Bound Resource Management, see RAII
SCARY Seemingly erroneous (appearing Constrained by conflicting generic parameters), but Actually work with the Right implementation (unconstrained bY the conflict due to minimized dependencies). stroustrup.com/SCARY
SFINAE Substitution Failure Is Not An Error std::enable_if, std::void_t
SIOF Static Initialization Order Fiasco
SOCCC Select On Container Copy Construction
SOO Small Object Optimization std::move_only_function, std::function, std::any
SSO Small String Optimization std::basic_string
TMP Template Meta Programming <type_traits>
TU Translation Unit Modules, TU-local
UB Undefined Behavior
UDC User-defined conversion operator
UDL User-Defined Literals
WPO Whole-Program Optimization
“A C++ acronym glossary” by Arthur O’Dwyer, 2019/08

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