The color CSS media feature can be used to test the number of bits per color component (red, green, blue) of the output device.


The color feature is specified as an <integer> value that represents the number of bits per color component (red, green, blue) of the output device. If the device is not a color device, the value is zero. It is a range feature, meaning that you can also use the prefixed min-color and max-color variants to query minimum and maximum values, respectively.

Note: If the various color components are represented by different numbers of bits, the smallest number is used. For example, if a display uses 5 bits for blue and red and 6 bits for green, then the device is considered to use 5 bits per color component. If the device uses indexed colors, the minimum number of bits per color component in the color table is used.

See Applying color to HTML elements using CSS to learn more about using CSS to apply color to HTML.



<p>This text should be black on non-color devices, red on devices with a low number of colors, and greenish on devices with a high number of colors.</p>


p {
  color: black;

/* Any color device */
@media (color) {
  p {
    color: red;

/* Any color device with at least 8 bits per color component */
@media (min-color: 8) {
  p {
    color: #24ba13;



Specification Status Comment
Media Queries Level 4
The definition of 'color' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation The value can now be negative, in which case it computes to false.
Media Queries
The definition of 'color' in that specification.
Recommendation Initial definition. The value must be nonnegative.

Browser compatibilityUpdate compatibility data on GitHub

Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
color media feature 1 12 2 9 10 3
Android webview Chrome for Android Firefox for Android Opera for Android Safari on iOS Samsung Internet
color media feature ≤37 18 4 10.1 1 1.0

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