/Godot 3.2


Inherits: ConfirmationDialog < AcceptDialog < WindowDialog < Popup < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

A modified version of FileDialog used by the editor.


Access access 0
String current_dir "res://"
String current_file ""
String current_path "res://"
bool dialog_hide_on_ok false (parent override)
bool disable_overwrite_warning false
DisplayMode display_mode 0
Mode mode 4
bool resizable true (parent override)
bool show_hidden_files false
String window_title "Save a File" (parent override)


void add_filter ( String filter )
void clear_filters ( )
VBoxContainer get_vbox ( )
void invalidate ( )


dir_selected ( String dir )

Emitted when a directory is selected.

file_selected ( String path )

Emitted when a file is selected.

files_selected ( PoolStringArray paths )

Emitted when multiple files are selected.


enum Mode:

  • MODE_OPEN_FILE = 0 --- The EditorFileDialog can select only one file. Accepting the window will open the file.
  • MODE_OPEN_FILES = 1 --- The EditorFileDialog can select multiple files. Accepting the window will open all files.
  • MODE_OPEN_DIR = 2 --- The EditorFileDialog can select only one directory. Accepting the window will open the directory.
  • MODE_OPEN_ANY = 3 --- The EditorFileDialog can select a file or directory. Accepting the window will open it.
  • MODE_SAVE_FILE = 4 --- The EditorFileDialog can select only one file. Accepting the window will save the file.

enum Access:

  • ACCESS_RESOURCES = 0 --- The EditorFileDialog can only view res:// directory contents.
  • ACCESS_USERDATA = 1 --- The EditorFileDialog can only view user:// directory contents.
  • ACCESS_FILESYSTEM = 2 --- The EditorFileDialog can view the entire local file system.

enum DisplayMode:

  • DISPLAY_THUMBNAILS = 0 --- The EditorFileDialog displays resources as thumbnails.
  • DISPLAY_LIST = 1 --- The EditorFileDialog displays resources as a list of filenames.

Property Descriptions

Access access

Default 0
Setter set_access(value)
Getter get_access()

The location from which the user may select a file, including res://, user://, and the local file system.

String current_dir

Default "res://"
Setter set_current_dir(value)
Getter get_current_dir()

The currently occupied directory.

String current_file

Default ""
Setter set_current_file(value)
Getter get_current_file()

The currently selected file.

String current_path

Default "res://"
Setter set_current_path(value)
Getter get_current_path()

The file system path in the address bar.

bool disable_overwrite_warning

Default false
Setter set_disable_overwrite_warning(value)
Getter is_overwrite_warning_disabled()

If true, the EditorFileDialog will not warn the user before overwriting files.

DisplayMode display_mode

Default 0
Setter set_display_mode(value)
Getter get_display_mode()

The view format in which the EditorFileDialog displays resources to the user.

Mode mode

Default 4
Setter set_mode(value)
Getter get_mode()

The purpose of the EditorFileDialog, which defines the allowed behaviors.

bool show_hidden_files

Default false
Setter set_show_hidden_files(value)
Getter is_showing_hidden_files()

If true, hidden files and directories will be visible in the EditorFileDialog.

Method Descriptions

void add_filter ( String filter )

Adds a comma-delimited file extension filter option to the EditorFileDialog with an optional semi-colon-delimited label.

For example, "*.tscn, *.scn; Scenes" results in filter text "Scenes (*.tscn, *.scn)".

void clear_filters ( )

Removes all filters except for "All Files (*)".

VBoxContainer get_vbox ( )

Returns the VBoxContainer used to display the file system.

void invalidate ( )

Notify the EditorFileDialog that its view of the data is no longer accurate. Updates the view contents on next view update.

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Licensed under the MIT License.