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Defined in tensorflow/contrib/layers/python/layers/rev_block_lib.py.

Decorator that recomputes the function on the backwards pass.


  • fn: a function that takes Tensors (all as positional arguments) and returns a tuple of Tensors.
  • use_data_dep: bool, if True will use a dummy data dependency to force the recompute to happen. If False will use a control dependency. By default will be True if in an XLA context and False otherwise. XLA ignores control dependencies and so this data dependency is necessary.
  • tupleize_grads: bool, if True will use control dependencies to ensure that all gradients are produced before any are consumed by downstream ops. If use_data_dep is also True, will use a data dependency instead of a control dependency.


A wrapped fn that is identical to fn when called, but its activations will be discarded and recomputed on the backwards pass (i.e. on a call to tf.gradients).

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