get_the_modified_time( string $format = '', int|WP_Post $post = null )

Retrieve the time at which the post was last modified.



(string) (Optional) Format to use for retrieving the time the post was modified. Either 'G', 'U', or PHP date format defaults to the value specified in the time_format option.

Default value: ''


(int|WP_Post) (Optional) Post ID or WP_Post object. Default current post.

Default value: null


(string|false) Formatted date string or Unix timestamp. False on failure.

More Information

See Formatting Date and Time for other time and date formats.


File: wp-includes/general-template.php

function get_the_modified_time( $format = '', $post = null ) {
	$post = get_post( $post );

	if ( ! $post ) {
		// For backward compatibility, failures go through the filter below.
		$the_time = false;
	} else {
		$_format = ! empty( $format ) ? $format : get_option( 'time_format' );

		$the_time = get_post_modified_time( $_format, false, $post, true );

	 * Filters the localized time a post was last modified.
	 * @since 2.0.0
	 * @since 4.6.0 Added the `$post` parameter.
	 * @param string|bool  $the_time The formatted time or false if no post is found.
	 * @param string       $format   Format to use for retrieving the time the post was
	 *                               written. Accepts 'G', 'U', or PHP date format. Defaults
	 *                               to value specified in 'time_format' option.
	 * @param WP_Post|null $post     WP_Post object or null if no post is found.
	return apply_filters( 'get_the_modified_time', $the_time, $format, $post );


Version Description
4.6.0 Added the $post parameter.
2.0.0 Introduced.

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