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The CanvasCaptureMediaStreamTrack interface represents the video track contained in a MediaStream being generated from a <canvas> following a call to HTMLCanvasElement.captureStream().

Part of the Media Capture and Streams API.

EventTarget MediaStreamTrack CanvasCaptureMediaStreamTrack

Instance properties

This interface inherits the properties of its parent, MediaStreamTrack.

CanvasCaptureMediaStreamTrack.canvas Read only

Returns the HTMLCanvasElement object whose surface is captured in real-time.

Instance methods

This interface inherits the methods of its parent, MediaStreamTrack.


Manually forces a frame to be captured and sent to the stream. This lets applications that wish to specify the frame capture times directly do so, if they specified a frameRate of 0 when calling captureStream().


Browser compatibility

Desktop Mobile
Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari WebView Android Chrome Android Firefox for Android Opera Android Safari on IOS Samsung Internet
CanvasCaptureMediaStreamTrack 51 79 41 No 38 11 51 51 No 41 11 5.0
canvas 51 79 41 No 38 11 51 51 No 41 11 5.0
requestFrame 51 79 41 No 38 11 51 51 No 41 11 5.0

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