Storage Engines

Information on storage engines available for MariaDB.

Title Description
Choosing the Right Storage Engine Quickly choose the most suitable storage engine for your needs.
InnoDB and XtraDB InnoDB storage engine and XtraDB, its performance-enhanced fork made by Percona.
MariaDB ColumnStore Uses a massively parallel architecture, ideal for systems that scale to petabytes of data.
Aria Aria is a crash safe MyISAM and more.
Archive Stores data in compressed (gzip) format.
BLACKHOLE Storage engine that accepts data without storing it.
Cassandra Storage Engine A storage engine interface to Cassandra.
CONNECT The CONNECT storage engine enables MariaDB to access external local or remote data.
CSV Works with files stored in CSV (comma-separated-values) format.
FederatedX Allows you to access tables in other MariaDB or MySQL servers.
MEMORY Storage Engine Storage engine stored in memory rather than on disk.
MERGE Allows you to access a collection of identical MyISAM tables as one.
Mroonga Provides fast CJK-ready full text searching using column store.
MyISAM Non-transactional storage engine with good performance and small data footprint.
MyRocks Adds RocksDB, an LSM database with a great compression ratio that is optimized for flash storage.
OQGRAPH Open Query GRAPH computation engine for handling hierarchies (tree structures) and complex graphs.
S3 Storage Engine A read-only storage engine that stores its data in Amazon S3.
Sequence Storage Engine A Sequence engine allows ascending or descending sequences of numbers.
SphinxSE Storage engine that talks to searchd to enable text searching.
Spider Supports partitioning and xa transactions and allows tables of different in...
TokuDB For use in high-performance and write-intensive environments.
Information Schema ENGINES Table Storage engine information.
PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA Storage Engine PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA storage engine, a mechanism for implementing the feature.
Legacy Storage Engines Storage engines that are no longer maintained.
Storage Engine Development Storage Engine Development.
Converting Tables from MyISAM to InnoDB Issues when converting tables from MyISAM to InnoDB.
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