The text-decoration-color CSS property sets the color of decorations added to text by text-decoration-line.

The color applies to decorations, such as underlines, overlines, strikethroughs, and wavy lines like those used to mark misspellings, in the scope of the property's value.

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CSS does not provide a direct mechanism for specifying a unique color for each line type. This effect can nevertheless be achieved by nesting elements, applying a different line type to each element (with the text-decoration-line property), and specifying the line color (with text-decoration-color) on a per-element basis.


/* <color> values */
text-decoration-color: currentcolor;
text-decoration-color: red;
text-decoration-color: #00ff00;
text-decoration-color: rgba(255, 128, 128, 0.5);
text-decoration-color: transparent;

/* Global values */
text-decoration-color: inherit;
text-decoration-color: initial;
text-decoration-color: revert;
text-decoration-color: revert-layer;
text-decoration-color: unset;



The color of the line decoration.

Accessibility concerns

It is important to ensure that the contrast ratio between the color of the text, the background the text is placed over, and the text decoration line is high enough that people experiencing low vision conditions will be able to read the content of the page. Color contrast ratio is determined by comparing the luminosity of the text and background color values.

Color alone should not be used to convey meaning. For example, change of text and text-decoration-color alone is not enough to indicate a link has focus.

Formal definition

Initial value currentcolor
Applies to all elements. It also applies to ::first-letter and ::first-line.
Inherited no
Computed value computed color
Animation type a color

Formal syntax

text-decoration-color = 


Basic example

  This paragraph has <s>some erroneous text</s> inside it that I want to call
  attention to.
p {
  text-decoration-line: underline;
  text-decoration-color: cyan;

s {
  text-decoration-line: line-through;
  text-decoration-color: red;
  text-decoration-style: wavy;


Browser compatibility

Desktop Mobile
Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari WebView Android Chrome Android Firefox for Android Opera Android Safari on IOS Samsung Internet
text-decoration-color 57 79 366–39 No 44 12.18 57 57 366–39 43 12.28 7.0

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